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Secrets To Magick

The Secrets To Magick Magick plays a important role in the Pagan/Wiccan faith. A special relationship develops between the God, Goddess, and Nature with yourself through the practice of Magick. When working Magick you tap into the energies of the God, Goddess, and Nature, calling out their names and visualizing their presence during Spells and Rituals forms a bond which helps you have a closer and more intune relationship with them. This bond between us and Deities makes Magick a Religious practice. The definition of Magick is simply the manipulation of Natures energies to manifest change. There are items called for you to use when doing any Magick, like candles, incense, oils, etc. These are necessary props to doing any Spells or Rituals, they keep you focused and set the mood, but they don't make the Magick. The key to making Magick Spells work isn't in the candles you use, it's in the words you say! Magick comes from your mind, from your strong desire to create change, when you are preforming your spell you need to raise your energy and you do that with the rhyming chants you say that holds your intended need, then once you build your energy and you feel it's at it's peak you through it into the universe!. Visualization is also what makes Magick work, you need to be able to see what your desire is clear in your mind. If you can do all the things, visualization, raising your power, you will make magick work. A spell will never work if you just follow the directions out of a book, set up the candles, and have all the called for items, and just say the words. You will never get Magick to work for you if thats a you think it is, and think thats all you have to do. You also have to make sure you have the right day of the week, each day has their specific Magickal influences. You want to make sure the Moon is in the right Phase for what your Spell is for. So for example if you wanted to do a love spell you would do the Spell on a Friday, during the Waxing Moon. To do Magick properly you want to pull on as much energy as you can, you want to propel the energy you build up and send into the Universe to be as strong as it can be. Also make sure you are using the right colors, red, white and pink are colors for love spells. I just wanted to make it clear there is so much you have to put into a spell in order to make the Magick work, it's not just copying the spell out of a book. There is one more important thing I want to mention here, while talking about copying spells out of a book. If you really are serious about doing a spell it's best to write your own. That way you can put your energy into it, someone else's spell doesn't have your strongest desires for what your spell is to bring to you.